Johannesburg, 23 October 2023 - Between October 17 and 18, amidst the fervor of the OMODA 2023 Public Welfare Signings and the Thousand-People Cycling Event, multiple test rides and drives initiated by OMODA captivated over a hundred authoritative experts, mainstream global media, and industry Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). In the dynamic driving arena, participants sequentially immersed themselves in over ten extreme simulation projects to experience the supernatural allure of the OMODA E5. As OMODA’s pioneer all-electric product, the E5, under the grandeur of the renewable energy trend, was the coveted jewel everyone was eager to experience.

he test ride and drive area, nestled in the picturesque Fantawild, was split into a comprehensive race track experience zone and a straight-line acceleration zone. Drivers were indulged in the exhilarating experience of OMODA E5’s kilometer acceleration, where the potent force conveyed a compelling pushback, earning unanimous acclaim. Successive engagements in various simulated road conditions like S-bends and figure-eights stood as testimony to OMODA E5’s robust quality anchored in its formidable driving performance.

During the test drive of OMODA’s iconic electric model, OMODA E5, the robust chassis and exuberant power engineered a sporty, control-driven performance that indelibly impressed every participant. The OMODA E5, fortified with an advanced power system, is equipped with an efficient motor and a large-capacity battery group. The vehicle’s exceptional start-up and acceleration phases deliver a seamless driving encounter. In addition, the stable yet agile suspension system, intelligent driving assistance system, and the tranquil driving experience collectively unveil the distinct allure of electric vehicles to every driver on-site. In terms of aesthetics, the OMODA E5 not only perpetuates the brand’s iconic Art in Motion design but unveils the transcendental “Light of Movement” aesthetic language. Its dynamic and illuminative body style captivated every onlooker, earning incessant admiration.

As a forward-looking brand, OMODA, backed by its remarkable product strength, avant-garde design aesthetics, and futuristic intelligent technology, has garnered high acclaim from global users. This acclamation is further corroborated by its impressive sales figures. The latest export data reveals that OMODA’s export sales for September stood at 13,975 vehicles, with a cumulative export volume of 117,217 vehicles from January to September. This test ride and drive experience left a lasting impression of an extraordinary driving and riding experience on the authoritative experts, mainstream global media, and industry KOLs present. Yet, the splendor is not limited to the vehicles alone. OMODA also hosted the “Eco-Friendly Product Expo,” where global users, through the lens of media, will explore OMODA’s exquisite peripheral products, delve into the green lifestyle, and jointly create and share a low-carbon travel ecological model with the users.