JAECOO to redefine the urban off-road SUV in South Africa

JAECOO, the newly established urban off-road SUV marque and second brand from OMODA&JAECOO, is launching its first model, the highly sophisticated J7 in South Africa in early 2024. Endowed with fearless, farseeing elegance and conceived for urban elites with exquisite taste and extraordinary style, JAECOO perfectly embodies the slogan “From Classic, Beyond Classic”.

Committed to crafting urban SUVs, JAECOO persistently centres its approach around the user. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and novel ecological experiences, the brand continually reshapes the relationship between people and vehicles. It brings innovative products and services to the modern urban elite, building on the foundation of the classic SUV’s reliable qualities. In particular, JAECOO relentlessly pursues breakthroughs, especially in terms of dynamic performance and technological innovation, transcending the classics and delivering a sense of the future and technology to a broader consumer base.

“At JAECOO, we are tirelessly dedicated to making breakthroughs in the automotive space and the upcoming J7 will be South Africa’s first taste of the future of intelligent mobility when it arrives early next year,” said Shannon Gahagan, National Brand and Marketing Manager for OMODA&JAECOO.

“Tougher than typical urban SUVs but more comfortable than traditional off-roaders, the J7 is poised to start a new urban off-roading trend among local buyers. Add a raft of remarkable safety features, forward-thinking technologies and chic design – all courtesy of master design teams assembled from countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany – and you’ll find the J7 is like no other,” explains Gahagan.

The JAECOO J7’s standard powertrain provides ample power and torque to conquer a variety of surfaces. Just as the refined J7’s on-road credentials speak for themselves, so too do the newcomer’s off-road capabilities. Endowed with JAECOO’s proprietary ARDIS intelligent off-roading system, the multi-talented SUV boasts as many as 7 drive modes, allowing it to adapt to a wide variety of terrains.

The J7’s distinctive exterior styling is a mix of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge design, including a matrix-style grille, slim LED headlights and elegant flush door handles. Thanks to the J7’s master design, the sleekly styled urban off-road SUV is equipped with a minimalistic yet luxurious interior, including a vast 24.6-inch screen.

“While our product rollout in South Africa will commence with the eagerly anticipated J7 early in 2024, there’s plenty more to come from the brand. Later next year, for instance, JAECOO will also launch the new, larger J8 – which was revealed in Qatar as recently as October – packed full of more segment-redefining features, from an ultra-smart curved infotainment screen to row-specific climate control,” said Gahagan

In the interim, South Africans can look forward to meeting the J7, which is poised to challenge local consumers’ traditional perceptions of off-roading. Furthermore, the J7 PHEV is set to be introduced in Q3 2024, before the flagship J8 arrives in Q4 2024. More details, including local specifications and pricing, will be released closer to the respective models’ launches in 2024.